Turfect® REPAIR

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Baileys Turfect® REPAIR

A professional liquid fertiliser, formulated to support turf health, hardiness and recovery. Provides a broad spectrum, readily available source of essential macro and micro nutrients, and is particularly high in Potassium. The nutritional makeup, plus added kelp, humic acid and Biowish™ beneficial biology, optimise root growth and soil health. This in turn improves water and nutrient uptake, turf growth and vigour.

  • Formulated to support turf through stress and wear, in particular, Australian Summers.
  • High in Potassium and Phosphorus to improve water uptake and recovery.
  • Enriched with kelp to improve root growth and overall turf vigour.
  • Enriched with humic acid to optimise nutrient uptake and turf health.
  • Premium product used by turf professionals at major sporting venues.
  • Contains Biowish™ Microbe Technology to boost native microbe populations, root growth and nutrient availability.