Brilliance Mini 20kg

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Available Perth Metro Only

Brilliance Granulated Mini is a premium grade, fully granulated phosphate free fertiliser. Containing high nitrogen and good potassium levels plus trace elements, Brilliance will encourage vigorous growth, excellent colour and new root formation. It will maintain nutrition and replenish these vital elements which are rapidly utilised in turfgrass. It is ideal for application on all sporting grounds and complexes, high profile playing fields, golf courses, schools and domestic lawns.

Mini size granule for easy and even distribution and quick uptake, even
on finer turf surfaces. 


  • Western Australian designed and manufactured product tailored to our soil profile and conditions.
  • Brilliance is phosphate free making applications to areas close to waterways, rivers and new estates safe - where phosphorus contamination could be a concern.
  • Fully granulated to ensure easy and even distribution of nutrients across turf surfaces, reduces dust and maximises delivery. Giving even results across sporting grounds.
  • Contains a high nitrogen component for rapid growth and colour, suitable to sporting complexes and turf farms where an instant result is required.
  • Contains high levels of essential turf nutrients for healthy growth, excellent colour and plant functioning.