Energy Turf 20kg

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Available Perth Metro Only

Baileys ENERGY™ Turf is a fully granulated, organic based fertiliser for all turf applications. It has been specifically developed for nutrient poor, sandy soils common to Australia. ENERGY™ Turf combines a high analysis of essential nutrients, trace elements, organics and soil amendments all in the one granule. This eliminates the need for several products and encourages strong turf growth, plant resilience, disease resistance and long lasting colour. The uniform granule size and hardness ensures easy application and even coverage.

The addition of Zeolite and Humates improve soil structure, water retention and nutrient efficiency.

  • Humates act as natural soil wetters, aiding moisture retention and improving soil structure. This encourage better plant response in poor growing conditions. Humates improve plant nutrient uptake by 40%, enhancing cell division and elongation, root penetration and oxygen intake. This in turn improves fertiliser efficiency. Other advantages include:
  • Zeolite also builds up soils , increases nutrient efficiency and reduces leaching.